HP LaserJet P2055 Printer series - Set document effects

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Set document effects

To perform the following tasks, open the printer driver and click the Effects tab.

How do I

Steps to perform

Scale a page to fit on a selected paper size

Click Print document on, and then select a size from the drop-
down list.

Scale a page to be a percent of the actual size

Click % of actual size, and then type the percent or adjust the
slider bar.

Print a watermark

a) Select a watermark from the Watermarks drop-down list.
b) To print the watermark on the first page only, click First page
. Otherwise, the watermark is printed on each page.

Add or edit watermarks


The printer driver must be stored on your computer

for this to work.

a) In the Watermarks area, click Edit. The Watermark
dialog box opens. b) Specify the settings for the
watermark, and then click OK.


Chapter 8 Print tasks