HP LaserJet P2055 Printer series - Customer self-repair warranty service

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Customer self-repair warranty service

HP products are designed with many Customer Self Repair (CSR) parts to minimize repair time and
allow for greater flexibility in performing defective parts replacement. If during the diagnosis period, HP
identifies that the repair can be accomplished by the use of a CSR part, HP will ship that part directly to
you for replacement. There are two categories of CSR parts: 1) Parts for which customer self repair is
mandatory. If you request HP to replace these parts, you will be charged for the travel and labor costs
of this service. 2) Parts for which customer self repair is optional. These parts are also designed for
Customer Self Repair. If, however, you require that HP replace them for you, this may be done at no
additional charge under the type of warranty service designated for your product.

Based on availability and where geography permits, CSR parts will be shipped for next business day
delivery. Same-day or four-hour delivery may be offered at an additional charge where geography
permits. If assistance is required, you can call the HP Technical Support Center and a technician will
help you over the phone. HP specifies in the materials shipped with a replacement CSR part whether
a defective part must be returned to HP. In cases where it is required to return the defective part to HP,
you must ship the defective part back to HP within a defined period of time, normally five (5) business
days. The defective part must be returned with the associated documentation in the provided shipping
material. Failure to return the defective part may result in HP billing you for the replacement. With a
customer self repair, HP will pay all shipping and part return costs and determine the courier/carrier to
be used.

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